Payments to foreign vendors – IRS focus

Fresh from a US contact is news that IRS is stepping up its focus on payments to foreign vendors made by US Accounts Payable departments. This dovetails with the article I’ve just written for AMCHAM on form W-8BEN posted yesterday. Foreign vendors =...

Completing Form W-8BEN

We receive many queries from New Zealand companies about completing Form W-8BEN. The if what when where and why my initial reply is that there is more to this than meets the eye. If you need help to complete this form please contact...

Foreign supplier not liable to taxation in US

The W-8BEN advises a United States customer of a foreign supplier that the supplier is not liable to taxation in the United States. Liability to taxation in the United States is determinable under the Internal Revenue Code and also the treaty. The W-8BEN is one of a...
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