The jurisdictions of New Zealand and the United States of America have very different tax regimes.

However, there is a common theme which we, as tax practitioners experience, year in and year out.

That common theme is the complex anti-deferral and anti-avoidance regimes which both countries have embedded in their tax laws.

Those anti-deferral and anti-avoidance regimes are long-standing, well established – and robustly enforced by the taxing authorities, Inland Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service.

Whilst these anti-deferral and anti-avoidance regimes relate to entities such as companies and trusts, both New Zealand and the United States have anti-deferral cross-border taxing mechanisms that can have major tax implications for unsuspecting individuals.

This is the space in which we thrive; by assisting our clients to stay in compliance with their obligations, and those of their families, with the tax laws of New Zealand and the United States of America. 

Our clients have frequently made New Zealand their home, originating from the United States, or vice-versa.

They all share a common ground which is the implications of two tax jurisdictions. We work with our clients to guide and support them through the numerous filing and payment deadlines which arise each year, and to provide support when it comes to decision-making time, from a dual tax perspective.