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Treatment of certain foreign currency transactions

Section 988 of the Internal Revenue Code Treatment of Certain Foreign Currency Transactions taxes certain transactions. The general rule is that the disposition of any non-functional currency will be treated as a section 988 transaction. However, there are exceptions, particularly with respect to individuals holding foreign-currency-denominated financial assets and liabilities. Gina Gatchell explains…

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Permanent Place of Abode Test

A recent New Zealand court case is the second one in recent years involving the determination of the permanent place of abode concept (‘PPOA’).

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If your tax situation is complex and involves multi-jurisdiction tax law, foreign tax and currency regulations, and potential gray areas, then you need a specialised tax service that offers you access to strategic tax advice and experts who can make judgment calls based on extensive experience.

Auckland-based NZ US Tax Specialists Ltd is a boutique Tax Advisory and Accountancy firm, providing international tax services to 

  • United States citizens living in New Zealand who have personal or corporate tax obligations in the US, 
  • New Zealand citizens based in the United States who have personal or corporate tax obligations in New Zealand,
  • Organizations that have multi-jurisdiction tax requirements and obligations, and
  • High net worth individuals (HNWI) who require tax expertise.

Q & A with our Experts


We purchased our home in New Zealand and have just sold it and repaid our mortgage. With respect to the repayment of the mortgage are there any US tax implications we need to be concerned about?


No. Whilst certain foreign currency-denominated debt instruments are subject to Internal Revenue Code provisions requiring foreign currency gain and/or losses to be recognized as ordinary income, the disposition of a foreign financial instrument by an individual, provided the instrument was acquired for personal use, will not give rise to recognizable foreign currency gain or loss on disposition. 


IRS filing season to commence January 28, 2019

After more than two weeks of hiatus, we have news that the IRS will commence processing 2018 tax returns on January 28, 2019. The IRS, the revenue agency of the US government, currently has 90% of its workforce on leave without pay. In a departure from the now-expired...

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Internal Revenue Service partial shutdown

The IRS has a contingency plan in place, the Lapsed Appropriations Contingency Plan ('contingency plan'), in preparation for the US government shutdown which is currently occurring. The 120-page document details what areas of the IRS will shut down, and what...

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First prosecution under FATCA – Landmark Case

Eight years after the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) was enacted as part of the 2010 Hire Act, the Eastern District of New York has prosecuted an executive of Loyal Bank for wilfully circumventing the reporting requirements of FATCA.

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Thanks for all your help with this year’s tax preparation and all my questions. You’ve been great to work with. 

EF, 16th October 2018

Our premium service is tailored to individuals, families, trusts and organizations that expect and appreciate highly personalised, discreet and professional tax services delivered by specialists who are technically competent in New Zealand and US tax law and financial regulations.

We offer three major categories of tax accounting and advisory services delivered by fully qualified, experienced in-house professionals:

  • New Zealand tax return preparation and filing
  • US tax return preparation and filing
  • International taxation advice

Clients who use both our NZ and US tax services benefit from our holistic approach to tax law compliance, but we can tailor our service offering to meet individual client’s needs, attending to all their requirements personally since we never outsource.

Our strategies will reduce or limit the impact of taxes on your income, assets and investments while remaining fully compliant with tax law and financial regulations.

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