In December last year, NZ US Tax Specialists Limited funded 175 native trees for planting through Trees That Count. We were contacted last month and informed that the Nelson Forest and Bird Society is receiving the trees for planting in the region. Being a native of Nelson herself this is welcome news to our founder/director, Gina.

Trees That Count is a New Zealand-based charitable organization matching funders of native trees to organizations and individuals who muck in and plant. Our leaderboard provides information on our involvement as a funder of trees for planting.

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It is through our clients’ and our stakeholders’ support that we plan to continue to fund trees for this increasingly critical mission; to plant more trees, and therefore to do our bit to assist our country’s efforts around climate change.

Image:  Pathway through New Zealand native bush, Mangapohue Natural Bridge, Waitomo District, Waikato, New Zealand.