About NZ US Tax Specialists

Managing Director and Chartered Accountant Gina Gatchell founded NZ US Tax Specialists in 2007 after identifying the need for specialist tax services for U.S. citizens residing in NZ.

Gina’s early career involved tax, accounting and auditing roles with NZ corporates including Air New Zealand, Vector and Vero Insurance.

She also held roles in public accountancy firms in Auckland.

Collectively, Gina gained experience across a range of roles in organisations of varying systems and complexity.

The launchpad for her career in U.S. taxation commenced at Peace Software NZ Ltd where she handled the expatriate tax requirements for employees on international assignments.

Gina’s areas of expertise include:

U.S. Individual Expatriation Taxation including:

U.S. expatriate citizens and residents living outside the U.S.

U.S. tax for non-resident aliens.

Expatriation from the U.S. tax system.

Foreign trust, financial account, company, partnership reporting and taxation.

U.S. estate and gift tax for U.S. citizens and non-resident aliens.

Streamlined Foreign & Domestic Offshore Procedures.

Relief Procedures for Certain Former U.S. Citizens.

U.S. retirement accounts.

U.S. disregarded entities.

U.S. tax treaties.

U.S. payroll and tax equalization.

U.S. Corporate International Taxation including:

U.S. Corporation formations, reorganization, acquisitions, and liquidations.

U.S. transfer pricing and global BEPS.

U.S. tax treaties.

U.S. outbound and inbound transactions.

NZ US Tax Specialists now serves clients throughout NZ and offshore and has built a reputation for quality services.

Memberships and Qualifications

  • Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand qualified January 2002 membership 2009812.
  • IRS Enrolled Agent qualified November 2011 licence 101153.
  • International Associate: American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).
  • AICPA Certificate in U.S. International Tax.
  • Association of International Certified Professional Accountants.


New Zealand’s Most Trustable Financial and Tax Consultant – 2022 – APAC Business Headlines. 

New Zealand native 54-year-old Gatchell has deep connections to the United States; her long-time partner is a serviceman with the United States’ Armed Forces. Hard work runs in her family; her late father Tony Hambrook having headed Alloy Yachts, an internationally successful boat-building business, for 20 years. Gatchell’s early memories include cruising the San Francisco Delta, the Waikiki harbour and various waterways around her native New Zealand.

More recently, mentoring her eldest daughter as she prepares to matriculate in a conjoint degree at Auckland University with a scholarship in mathematics, Gina is thrilled to watch her two daughters thrive.  Despite recent turbulent and challenging times, Gina’s eldest daughter’s passion for learning, notably in the fields of mathematics, global politics, languages (French & Te Reo Maori), and music (flute, trumpet, piano & guitar) is, in Gina’s eyes, a pure gift.

Outside of work, Gina’s interests include fitness, having recommenced running during the pandemic. “We would head out for our daily 30-minutes of exercise, masked up. Eager to return to my desk, what became a walk ended up in a jog, and I haven’t stopped ever since,” postulates Gina.

Reading is also a great passion, recently having set up thriving local book club; “I’m the most boring reader in the club”, muses Gina, who enjoys Stephen King, and geo-political titles.


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