Expatriation and Social Security

We are frequently asked about Social Security when a US citizen gives up citizenship. For non-residents of the United States, Social Security will be stopped after six months of absence. Social Security Administration (SSA) will reinstate payments once an individual...

Fiscal Cliff Crisis – the impact

Most of New Zealand is on holiday this week so the last thing they are watching with bated breath is the unfolding developments with the fiscal cliff. That is unless they are US expats with substantial income or investments, residing or holidaying here. The corollary...

Covered Expatriates & Expatriation from the US

If you are thinking about expatriating, beware of taxation under Section 877 and 877A of the Internal Revenue Code – Expatriation to avoid tax, and tax responsibilities of expatriation.   Covered expatriates are subject to specific taxing mechanisms under...
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