We are frequently asked about Social Security when a US citizen gives up citizenship.

For non-residents of the United States, Social Security will be stopped after six months of absence. Social Security Administration (SSA) will reinstate payments once an individual has travelled to the United States and stayed for one month.

For US citizens who relinquish citizenship, they lose entitlement to Social Security benefits. This is due to the fact that once they have expatriated from the United States, they are unable to spend more than 30 days in a year in the United States. That is unless the reason for the visit is employment-related.

US citizens relinquishing their passport, therefore, should ensure that they do not over-collect Social Security benefits. They should write to SSA and advise of their new status, that is, non-US citizen status.

Until such time that SSA is advised of the cessation of entitlement to benefits, it is probable that benefits will continue to be paid. This is highly likely to result in the individual being required to pay benefits back to SSA, not a situation that one wants to find oneself in.