Loss carry-forwards and carry-backs

Losses – a word that has become all too familiar these days. If you have losses in 2010 or recent past years are you ensuring that you maximize the opportunities that might be available to you to claim some or all in your federal return? These might be in the form of...

Changes to 2010 US tax returns

Some pointers as regards changes affecting 2010 US tax return filers. 1. The due date – 15 April – has been changed to 18 April due to to the Emancipation Day holiday in DC. This applies nationwide. 2. The standard deduction has increased for some...

Economic recovery payment claims

For the 2009 tax year, taxpayers with earned income exceeding US$6,451 (US$12,903) married filing jointly may be entitled to the economic recovery payment known as the Making Work Pay and Government Retiree Credits. The payment is up to US$400 (up to US$800 married...
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