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We are fully up-to-date on tax legislation and provide smart advisory and thorough compliance services to US and NZ taxpayers.

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Come and meet us in our stunning waterfront premises in downtown Auckland. We welcome walk-in visitors. We are easily accessible in the Citigroup Centre at 23 Customs Street East.



We believe that getting clear, helpful advice from your tax advisor is a basic requirement. Our in-house technical experience allows us to answer most questions about US expat taxes and other tax matters on the spot. We never outsource. Can your current provider tell you instantly what section 679 of the Internal Revenue Code has to say about United States persons with foreign trusts, or the obligation of a US taxpayer living abroad in terms of FATCA Form 8938? We can and we do, daily. 

The returns we prepare are fully consistent with the rules of each country. We are known for our ability to handle audits and resolve issues with the IRD and IRS. You deserve prompt, friendly service from professionals without being charged the earth – you’ve come to the right place.

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You Need an Expert

and we are an authority on multi-jurisdiction taxation

Until you have used a professional service, all you have to go on is reputation and ours is second to none. We are the longest established firm specializing purely in expatriate taxation in New Zealand, Gina Gatchell our Director has been focused on expatriate tax since 2006. 

Our track record is solid and consistent and includes playing a pivotal role in resolving issues of double taxation between the US and NZ. Our business continues to go from strength to strength because we offer transparency into the tax system and help our clients through the tax challenges that come with relocating. We invite you to be a part of our success story.


We can fully represent you in both jurisdictions

When your tax obligations lie in different countries, it is important to work with a tax advisor who has an in-depth knowledge of each tax code and is able to represent you. As IRS Enrolled Agents, we are authorized to represent clients in the US and as Chartered Accountants, authorized to represent clients in NZ – but the real value, our clients tell us, is our knowledge of how the two tax systems interface. Nobody wants to pay too much tax, you need a specialist to achieve the best outcomes.

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We’re well connected

We play a proactive role as a tax ‘radar’ for our clients, explaining the impact of legislative changes, interpreting tax issues in the news and judicial rulings. Through our network of associations, we are in an influential position to be able to meet the expectations, legal and ethical requirements of our stakeholders. These organizations provide us with valuable support and abundant continuing education opportunities.

We observe developments in our profession by attending offshore conferences on an annual basis, including the AICPA’s annual National Tax Conference in Washington, DC. If you need current, relevant advice and analysis, together with sound technical experience – come to us.


We are active members of the following organizations:

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