Troubles with the IRS’s Implementation of FATCA

The National Taxpayer Advocate’s Objectives Report to Congress for Fiscal Year 2016 contained the Taxpayer Advocate’s eleven areas of focus for 2016. Statement Area of Focus #4, The IRS’s Implementation of FATCA Has in Some Cases Imposed Unnecessary...

Taxpayer Advocate’s Review – 2015 filing season

The Taxpayer Advocate’s review of the 2015 filing season commented that the IRS faced extraordinary challenges during the filing season. ‘The IRS continues to view itself, first and foremost, as an enforcement agency, and it thus develops its policies...

National Taxpayer Advocate Annual Report

On the subject of taxpayer advocacy, the National Taxpayer Advocate delivered it’s annual report to Congress last week. Which actually turns out to be quite an eye-opener for a number of reasons. The report’s number one recommendation was the need for tax...
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