Capital gains tax in New Zealand

New Zealand, unlike Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, does not have a full-blown capital gains tax (CGT) regime. Increasing pressure is being put on New Zealand’s Prime Minister and leader of the country’s centre-right government, John...

US citizens and Kiwisaver

If you’re a US citizen, now is the hour to ensure that you are reporting your KiwiSaver funds correctly. Firstly, let’s define what a KiwiSaver fund actually is. A KiwiSaver fund is a voluntary retirement fund which may be set up by anyone including employees,...

10 Errors NZ Tax Residents Make | International Tax

According to the Chief Advisor – International Audit – IRD, the top ten errors associated with international tax compliance with respect to the taxation of NZ tax residents are as follows:   Error 1: NZ tax residents are taxable on income from NZ...
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