Our Value Proposition

Filing US Taxes

When you work with us we treat you as our partners. Since we know both sides of the equation, you can rest assured that you won’t pay more tax than you need to when filing US taxes abroad or doing your NZ filing from the US. We are deeply experienced in the issues which arise when relocating to or from the United States.

Corporations, S-corporations, partnerships and LLCs are taxed very differently under NZ income tax legislation.

Residency issues frequently impact on how some entities are taxed in each country. This often depends on the finer points of each situation. Sourcing issues frequently impact how certain categories of income, expenses, gains and losses are taxed.

It takes a team of tax professionals who are experienced and conversant in both countries’ tax systems to navigate the minefield that is the international taxation landscape. 

Filing US Taxes Abroad

We’ve Got Your Back

One of the benefits in using us is the depth of knowledge we hold on the types of US investments and their tax implications. Correct evaluation and classification of investments, such as the 401(k)s, IRAs, 403(b)s and various college plans, will take the stress out of their management for you.

We are offering to be that team. Our value proposition is peace of mind. 

We identify opportunities and challenges, and advise on these issues, providing you with peace of mind, whether it’s about filing US taxes abroad or managing your US investment portfolio.

Trust us. We are the true professionals. We’ve got your back.

Personalised NZ and US Services

  • Pre-migration taxation advice
  • Income tax, estate tax, gift tax advice
  • Tax residency assessment for individuals, corporations, trusts, partnerships
  • Compliance
  • Foreign investment fund advice for offshore investments, including all types of US retirement plans 401(k)s and others
  • Planning for the end of the TRE
  • Penalty remission
  • Examinations, risk reviews and audits