Today the IRS is reminding taxpayers who have an ITIN to check whether they need to renew it.

Under recent changes if either of the following situations arise, an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number will expire on January 1, 2017:

1. The ITIN has not been used on a tax return at least once in the past three years.

2. The ITIN has middle digits of either 78 or 79 (example: 9NN-78-NNNN or 9NN-79-NNNN).

The IRS urges affected taxpayers to file their renewal application as soon as possible, and advises that the processing timeframes for accurate and complete applications are:

  • Seven weeks for applications received early.
  • Eleven weeks for applications received during processing season, January onwards.

IRS also stresses the importance of ensuring that the latest version of Form W-7 is used, revised in September 2016.

We can assist with renewal applications.