New Zealand is listed as one of the heaviest taxing countries in the OECD’s annual revenue statistics report, which covers the OECD countries.

Of New Zealand’s tax revenues,

  • 59.6% are collected from individuals and corporates, second only to Denmark (59%).
  • 35.2% are collected from goods and services tax (GST), second only to Korea (37.1%).
  • 5% is collected from property tax
  • 0% is collected from social security levies.

Of the United States’ tax revenues,

    • 38% are collected from individuals through tax on personal income, profits and gains.
    • 10% is collected from corporates through tax on income and gains.
    • 18% is collected from goods and services through sales tax.
    • 12% is collected from property tax.
    • 22% is collected through social security tax.

The OECD averages are:

  • Personal income taxes including gains: 25%
  • Corporate income taxes including gains: 9%
  • Goods and services taxes: 33%
  • Property taxes: 6%
  • Social security taxes: 26%
  • Payroll taxes: 1%
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