New Zealand taxation of Foreign Superannuation

In a much-anticipated move, the Policy Advice Division of Inland Revenue and the New Zealand Treasury released an Officials’ issues paper last week on the Taxation of Foreign Superannuation. We welcome the release of the paper, which signals some fundamental...

Instalment arrangements with the IRS

Taxpayers with tax to pay may qualify to enter into an instalment arrangement with the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS can grant individuals up to 72 months to pay in the following situations: income tax of US $25000 or less is owed, or the individual is responsible...

US Tax Refunds – preparing returns

Whilst we don’t assert the concept of obtaining tax refunds for our clients, our expertise in return preparation has recently led to some extremely good results for clients. Knowing the best way to prepare the return, and going the extra mile for the client (our...
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