If you are a US citizen or resident and require a US tax return for 2010, it is advisable to make arrangements for your return preparation before the end of 2010.

There is a very good reason for this. There are only 4.5 months (3.5 months for corporations) between the end of the US tax year, and the due date for payment (and return if no extension of time (EOT) is filed).

if there is a tax liability for 2010, the due date for the end of year payments is 15 March 2011 (for corporations) and 15 April 2011 (for individuals).

Return preparers have very limited time therefore in which to finalise returns to enable clients to pay their tax by the due date(s).

Although an extension of time for filing (EOT) can be applied for, extending the filing dates to 15 September 2011 and 15 October 2011, EOT is not an extension of time to pay.

If you are planning on contacting me for your 2011 US return requirements, please do not hesitate to do so. In addition to US deadlines to meet by 15 March 2011 and 15 April 2011, we have NZ filing deadlines falling within that time to comply with.

US citizens and aliens outside the US do have an automatic extension of time for filing but the due date for the end of year tax payments also remains as above.

I will be contacting existing clients this side of Christmas, as part of planning for the 2011 filing season. If you aren’t an existing client but need a return please contact me as soon as you are able to. Now is a good time, as we out of the busy season and are readily available to assist you.