Filing due dates for 2013 US tax returns

Now that 2013 is almost here it is timely to review the various deadlines falling for United States income tax returns. Citizens and residents residing outside the United States are usually faced with additional disclosures which can often be required to be filed...

Fiscal Cliff Crisis – the impact

Most of New Zealand is on holiday this week so the last thing they are watching with bated breath is the unfolding developments with the fiscal cliff. That is unless they are US expats with substantial income or investments, residing or holidaying here. The corollary...

Alternative Minimum Tax and The Fiscal Cliff

The current situation with Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) is that potentially 100 million US taxpayers may experience a delay in being able to file their 2012 return. The problem is that there is a delay in issuing a fix, or a patch, to increase the exemptions under...
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