Having moved to New Zealand from the US in 1998, I would file my own taxes every year until one day in 2015, I heard from the IRS. They said I had miscalculated and owed them more tax. This happened again the following year, and all of a sudden US taxes started to become a source of anxiety and stress in my life. After several unsuccessful attempts to contact the IRS in order to understand what the issues were, I decided to engage NZ US Tax Specialists. A meeting was set up promptly with Gina and Both my husband and I quickly felt like we would be in the safe hands of experts. They were on time, professional, and very transparent around their charges. Our main contact David is extremely patient and very diligent. He responds very quickly to any queries and is always happy to field any questions we may have. We were so pleased with how they handled my US taxes, that we have asked them to do our NZ taxes also. Overall, I would say that NZ US Tax Specialists have taken our tax headaches away. We completely trust that they have it all under control and it feels like a weight has been lifted. I would have no hesitation recommending them to anyone looking for peace of mind around their US and NZ taxes.

Z. Noronha-Smith, January 2018

I would like to thank Gina and Dave and the rest of the NZ US Tax Specialists team for their help with what initially seemed to me to be a hugely complicated process. They were extremely knowledgeable, friendly, understanding, efficient and always calm. I found this to be very reassuring at times that could otherwise have been very stressful. They were always very clear when describing what was needed and diligently made sure that all of the fine details were correct. I highly recommend NZ US Tax Specialists Ltd.

C. J Winks, December 2017

I have been using NZUS Tax Specialists since 2012, when it became obvious with the changes to the US Tax Laws and the introduction of FATCA, that it would be too difficult to continue to prepare my own taxes, as I had done in previous years. A friend recommended Gina and her firm, NZUS Tax Specialists. At the time, there were very few firms in NZ that understood US taxes for NZ residents and of those firms, few were comfortable to take on the task. After a thorough meeting with NZUS Tax, I understood what needed to be done, and I decided to become a client. NZUS Tax first had to amend my previous five years tax returns in order to file that current year's return. An arduous task for any individual. I have continued with NZUS Tax Specialists since then and have had excellent service. Their point man, Dave Tzimenakis, is always available to answer questions and his personal approach to the client is much appreciated in a field that is usually just facts and figures. I would recommend NZUS Tax Specialists to any NZ based US citizen requiring this service.

KS, September 2017

I spent a lot of money finding the right people, having had dealings with several companies and individuals ranging from accountants to international tax law specialist (mostly in USA) I have to say that the company that I received the best advise and the most thorough service was right here in Auckland New Zealand. are IRS enrolled chartered accountants so they know what they are doing and are approved by the US chamber of commerce here in NZ as well. They have a great team of experts and know both tax systems inside out and this is especially important around the tax treaties between the two countries. Their services were less expensive than than in the US and they also saved me taxes as they had a better understanding of the treaties and found out I had less tax to pay than I had been told previously. They were friendly and very understanding of the immense stress their clients are under. Someone is always available to ask questions and of course meetings face to face to discuss the accounts sure beat phone or Skype. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has to file tax returns and FBARs to the USA. Please feel free to contact me privately if you would like to talk some more about my experiences.


For years I tried to stay compliant with all the US kept throwing at me as a dual citizen living permanently outside the US. The complexity of compliance just kept getting more and more difficult. My reading in the press and in the instructions related to my filings indicated that the threats and penalties for making a mistake were getting more and more onerous – and in fact could be financially catastrophic. I finally decided that this was no way for a free person to live. Once I made the decision that I didn’t want to live with this cloud over my head any longer, I began to research what needed to be done to free myself from this situation. It became obvious that a lay person – even a very smart one – could not navigate the exit requirements of the US State Department and the IRS without help. NZ US Tax Specialists came up when I did a web search looking for an entity that could guide me through the process. David was my original point of contact and “held my hand” through the nerve-wracking process of cleaning up my prior year filings most of which needed to be amended over complexities I never could have seen on my own. David understood how emotional this situation is for Americans caught up in it. In more than a few instances, he withstood the torrent of anger and frustration I launched at him – even though none of the silliness of the US system was under his control. In the end, I had a large final tax bill to pay, but it was substantially less than I expected – and that is a result of the detailed reviews done on my return by 5 of NZ US Tax’s employee accountants – who pored over my returns to ensure I received every legitimate tax break. I am now one step closer to my freedom – and I am grateful to the team at NZ US Tax for all of their help.

Jay, 1 June 2017

As a US Expat living in New Zealand these past three years I have utilized NZ US Tax Specialists for my US Federal Tax Returns. I have found them to be extremely professional, but also with a personal approach that addresses my individual needs and concerns. From my first Skype interview with Gina Gatchell to an ongoing relationship with David Tzimenakis who handles my more immediate questions I have been extremely pleased. Their expertise in remaining current with the ever changing US Tax Code has reassured me that my returns are done in a timely and accurate manner. I have already referred several new US Expats to their service and will whole heartedly continue to do so.

Paul C. MD, 5th May 2017

I found NZ-US Tax Specialists excellent to deal with. David Tzimenakis was particularly helpful – he was always calm and knowledgeable and efficient. It made what seemed to me like a hugely complicated process achievable. I’d highly recommend NZ-US Tax Specialists – I only wish I’d known about them years ago.

AB, 26th April 2017

When I, as a United States citizen, decided to come to New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa, I knew my taxes were going to be beyond my capacity. The more research I did, the more complicated filing expat taxes seemed to be, and I quickly became overwhelmed. Finding the team at NZ US Tax and discovering that they completely understood my situation was such a relief! Once I realised that they were enrolled with the US Internal Revenue Service, I knew I could trust NZ US Tax, and that they had the experience and expertise I was looking for. Everything was handled with great speed and efficiency, as well as honesty and forthrightness from beginning to end. The team took the time to understand my situation fully, and provided clarity on any questions or concerns that I had. I cannot speak more highly of David and the team at NZ US Tax - filing my expat taxes was more simple and straightforward than I ever thought possible. Thank you NZ US Tax for all of your help - looking forward to working with you again next year!

K Erickson 22nd February 2017

Dave was extremely helpful and professional in making sure I was up to date with the last few years of my US filing obligations. He was always extremely clear when describing what was needed and why, and made sure the fine details of my filings were correct and completed quickly. I will definitely be using NZ US Tax Specialists next time I need to file.

Sean Kelley 13th February 2017

I would like to thank David Tzimenakis at NZUSTAX.COM for his extremely thorough and diligent handling of my taxes as an expat. It was for me a hitherto frustrating process that he helped guide me through. His patience and professionalism are to be commended. I would strongly recommend his services.

Kirk Williams, 8th February 2017

David and the team at NZ US Tax Specialists have been a lifesaver: after hours trying to research my complicated situation — living in two states, two countries and getting married in one year — their expert knowledge and advice alleviated all of the stress of Tax Day. Living as an expat is not always simple, but I feel confident that my husband and my future tax implications are in good order because of their help

H Balemi, 14th December 2016

I have used NZ US Tax Specialists over the past year to address long outstanding issues with my American Tax commitment. NZ US Tax Specialists proved to be skilful, professional, diligent, and clear in their work and relationship to me as a client. As such I would without hesitation refer them to any individual keen on working with a service provider of excellence.

MB Axe, 6th December 2016

The drama of the U.S. and New Zealand tax season used to gnaw at us and its approach filled us with dread. As soon as we began using the NZ US Tax Specialists we realized we were in good hands and could relax knowing that our filing would be complete and correct. We have always been treated courteously and professionally. Thanks for the excellent service

K Campbell, 22nd November 2016

As a US and NZ citizen I've been meaning to meet with Gina for a very long time but kept putting it off. However in our initial consultation, she demonstrated why I shouldn't have waited so long. She is likely to be one of the few people who is so knowledgeable about both US & NZ tax situations and the complexities of working within the two tax jurisdictions. I came to her because I felt like I was constantly training my accountant on subjects she knows off the top of her head and speaks about with ease and confidence. Her friendly and open style while providing advice and answering each of my questions was a demonstration of her competence, approachability and ability to explain complex subject matter. I came away realizing that having Gina's knowledge and experience available to me will be valuable going forward in tax planning and navigating this complex and arcane subject.

Jeff Robbins 26th October 2016

Negotiating the pathways through the complicated U.S. tax return forms can be perilous and demanding – doubly so for someone like me who also has citizenship and residency in another country. Happily, the NZ US Tax Specialists know the correct route to take and have lifted this yearly burden from my shoulders – a great relief! They are exceptionally knowledgeable and efficient, and I would gladly recommend them to anyone in New Zealand having to deal with Uncle Sam’s tax collectors.

RW 17th October 2016

David asked if I would be willing to write a short review of NZ US Tax and I'm very happy to do so. I have worked with Gina for many years while working internationally. I pay taxes in three countries and just could not imagine trying to handle the complexities of filing my taxes and submiting all the required forms without these guys. Their service is excellent and I have always had quick response to any questions and good advice whenever I asked over the years. I highly recommend them to any expat required to file US Taxes.

J Cram, 12 October 2016

I have been a client of NZ US Tax Specialists since 2012 and they have been a godsend in helping me to stay compliant with the (maddeningly burdensome) IRS tax rules. Despite the penchant of Congress and the IRS for making the US tax laws as opaque and convoluted as possible, Gina Gatchell and her staff have done a superb job of preparing my complex returns and keeping me in compliance. They even identified issues in returns for several past years which my previous US tax preparer had done incorrectly, so NZ US Tax Specialists prepared and filed all the necessary amended returns to correct the situation. Dave has been the very model of first-class customer service and his responses to my questions, whether by email or phone, have been uniformly prompt, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable. Having received such exemplary service from Gina and Dave over the past years, when tax filing time comes around again each year my first call is to NZ US Tax Specialists. If you value excellent service, yours should be too.

AS, 3rd October 2016

As a new author, consultant, recent home seller and American living abroad in New Zealand, I knew I needed help with my taxes this year. Just my US taxes alone were becoming more and more complicated and now that I had new sources of income that required me to do NZ taxes, I had to find someone who could help me with my specific situation. The team at NZ US Tax Specialists has been excellent. They've been patient with me as a novice who knows nothing about tax law, and when I'm confused or frustrated they always reply in a patient, informative, and clear manner. They are very prompt and take so much stress out of tax season. I actually look back on the years I prepared my own taxes and kick myself for all the unnecessary stress I endured fumbling through the complexities of the US tax code. If you are someone who needs to file taxes in the US and NZ and you are tired of dealing with the stress and complexity of the process, you should seriously consider working the NZ US Tax Specialists team.

Eric Helms, September 2016

I cannot recommend Dave at NZ US Tax Specialists too highly. He is thoroughly knowledgeable about the incredibly complicated American tax laws. Equally important, Dave's service is excellent. One of the aspects of his service that I value the most is that he has always replied to the many and varied queries I have had over the years promptly, clearly, comprehensibly, and sympathetically. As someone who teaches customer service and is critical of the level of service provided generally in New Zealand, this is high praise indeed.

Steve Bridges, September 2016

Thank you so much for all of your help. You have been amazing to work with and I can honestly say that I have never come across anyone who is as diligent and quick to respond as you are. Looking forward to hearing from you next year. All the best!

JC 3rd June 2016

I want to thank you all for your effort in working through what was a fairly complicated task dealing with my US and NZ accounting affairs given my trans-Pacific work and residency over the last few years. It has been great to have access to your knowledge and services in a timely and efficient manner to submit my tax returns both in NZ and in the US. I would highly recommend your organization to anyone else who lives in NZ (or has recently moved back or to NZ) and who has recently worked for a US company (or still works for a US company).

J Sharpe, March 2016

I came to NZUS TAX with a fairly difficult situation. A UK citizen, a NZ citizen, a US residency and ownership in a UK company. In terms of US reporting this is complex to put it mildly. NZUS TAX were not only professional, they were understanding, and courteous along the way. Most importantly, I felt like I had an understanding ear. Whenever I asked for the status or what was outstanding David would always reply within a day (at the latest). All up, they make the navigation of the US tax system and the filing required as simple as it can be. Highly recommended.

J Horner, October 2015

I appreciate your hard work and most importantly, patience. I definitely want to return to your firm for my taxes next year. You've been fantastic.

M Wiles, October 2015